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Product Development as a Service - PDaaS
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"Locally UK have been excellent partners in delivering a truly independent platform. Their service is second to none." - Jeff Moody, Commercial Director of Bira.

What is PDaaS?

Discover. Execute. Support.

PDaaS is a scaleable service that simplifies the journey of software development, from the initial concept right through to user adoption. It enables companies to access experience and resources to ensure an efficient product delivery system.

Complete project team for your software development PDaaS
Engagement framework for product development PDaaS

Benefits of PDaaS

Outsourced efficiency.

PDaaS disrupts the restraints of internal product development. Outsourcing removes restrictions and limitations surrounding budget and staffing. You gain access to an agile workforce comprising of experienced personnel and knowledge of best practices in software development.

Tested frameworks

Perfected delivery.

Tried and tested methodologies support development and help to quickly identify stress points within a project. Utilising a proven framework provides a cost effective solution to avoid project derailment. PDaaS adds an enhanced level of certainty, keeping development on time and within budget.

Delivery timescale for product development PDaaS
Efficient outsourcing for software development PDaaS

Consumer satisfaction

Maximised ROI.

With a 50-80% failure rate within the software development industry, PDaaS is a vital service to reduce risk and increase ROI. Offering a fixed monthly payment structure and agile growth strategy, our service eliminates overspend and returns a greater ROI.

Tech Stack

Utilise our existing Tech Stack.

We continually improve our development and deployment practices in order to enhance our technological efficiency. Find out how our monthly PDaaS service can support your development journey...

Tech stack for PDaaS
Local Marketplace Provider

B2C Marketplace

Tech Sporting Authority

Sporting Authority

Cocktail Database

Cocktail Database

Case Studies

Providing a lifeline for independent businesses.

From concept to delivery, our team helped a Nationwide Association deliver a Marketplace for it's 4,000+ members.

PDaaS - Product Development as a Service

1. Huddle and analyse

Run full discovery phase to identify product value proposition and define MVP. Seek value from strong membership base. Identify areas of raised risk.

2. Strategise

Utilise project governance and development teams to create release plan, high level architecture, team topology and budget plan.

3. Production and delivery

UI design, UX wireframes, prototype, code and sprint demos. Release functional software and begin user adoption. Continued monthly support package.


Huddle and analyse.

We worked with our client to establish the viability of their proposal, to make sure we would be delivering value to their members. We ran different exercises across their membership and executive teams, and analysed the results.

Huddle PDaaS
Strategise PDaaS



From these results, we were able to establish and define the MVP. We developed a release plan, highlighted required functionality and assigned the relevant teams to deliver, whilst meeting budget constraints.


Production and deployment.

Throughout development, we conducted weekly meetings including progress, prototypes and sprint demos, keeping our client fully updated. The system was deployed on time and on budget. We provided our client with additional monthly services to manage and maintain the platform throughout user adoption.

Deployment PDaaS

More Information

For more information about our previous projects, or to see how we can help develop your ideas, get in touch!


Proven frameworks that deliver.

Utilising proven frameworks and delivery methods keeps your project on track and within budget. We provide all the resources you need for successful product delivery.

Framework for Product Development as a Service PDaaS

Possible Resources and Tasks

Below is a guide to just some of the areas we cover/deploy throughout the lifecycle of product development. Resources are assigned monthly, making it easier for you to budget and forecast.

  • Product value definition

  • MVP Definition

  • User Research

  • Proof of Concept

  • Release Plan

  • Team Topology

  • Governance

  • High Level Architecture

  • Data Architecture

  • Budgeting

  • Statement of Works

  • UI Design

  • UX Wireframes

  • Integrations

  • Prototypes

  • DevOps

  • Infrastructure

  • Hosting

  • Security

  • Support

  • Maintenance


Resources on demand and ready to scale.

Assigning Project Managers, Designers, Developers, Marketeers and more, we make resources available to your project as and when you need them.

Resources for Product Development as a Service PDaaS

Project template

View our PDaaS project template. It provides an overview to the structure we adopt when embarking on any new projects.

Resource rates

We like to be totally transparent, and that's what makes our PDaaS so appealing. No surprises or unexpected overspend.

2022 resource rates guidance

All monthly rates are based on a 40 hour working week during normal hours of operation. Team members work 235 days per year, with vacation days/statutory holidays built into the project planning process. Additional hours or out-of-hours working will require Client written approval in advance and will be billed at our standard hourly rate. Any additional design, development, QA, or project management work outside of the initial project team will be billed at standard hourly rates. A selection of Resource Rates can be found below. These are for guidance only. For the latest complete rates card, please enter your email above to download, or get in touch.

DescriptionHourly rate
Product Manager£165
Hardware Delivery Manager£165
UX/UI Designer£150
Full Stack Developer£105
Data Engineer£105

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We've worked across multiple sectors, growing our knowledge base along the way. With all the solutions we provide, we try to make a personal connection to each and every client, helping you access the tools you need, regardless of your technical skills.

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